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At PAWLIK, implementation is our specialty. We develop organizations and their employees with one clear goal in mind: achieving results!

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

Our Profile

Knowing what drives people is at the heart of everything we do, regardless of whether we are developing talent, coaching managers, training employees, filling key positions, or preparing your organization’s structure to meet the growing challenges. We focus on people. Skills, agile processes, leadership, culture—everything depends on individuals and the question of how they contribute to their shared success.

The methods we use are unique and sustainable. How do we do it? Since founding PAWLIK in 1996, we have specialized in combining scientific expertise in neurobiology and psychology with our management experience.

Our Management

Our methods are rooted in practice, and our leadership staff only led us into consultancy after serving in responsible corporate positions. They know the challenges of clients not only from case studies and as remote consultants, but have seen first-hand what it means to make decisions, resolve conflicts, develop visions, and drive through change. This is one of reasons PAWLIK is an implementation consultancy. Our managers are not merely content with good strategies, but measure themselves by their results.

Joachim Pawlik

Arne Adrian

Layla Dolfen

Prof. Dr. Henrik Meyer-Hoeven

Yvonne Kahl

Jörg Hausmann

Our consultancy

We tackle our clients’ challenges with a customized blend of consultancy programs from a single source. More than 300 experts in personnel and organizational development, as well as personnel consultancy, cover any conceivable consultancy service in these fields worldwide. This comprehensive range of services provides our clients with a holistic and impartial view of the problem at hand. We don’t suggest programs simply because they are available, but only recommend those which are best suited to our clients.


The PAWLIK Group brings together all national and international subsidiaries of the implementation consultancy PAWLIK Consultants. Together with product and solutions providers from the e-learning, e-recruiting, and e-applications sectors, they combine digital expertise with methodological skills from the fields of diagnostics and potential development. The companies within the PAWLIK Group operate as separate entities in their respective sub-markets and form interdisciplinary teams in collaboration with PAWLIK Consultants. Local experts, international industry experts, digital natives, and experienced consultants work as a team within the corporate group, and achieve the tangible results that our clients want.


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Some Information for You

For us, “making it happen” means helping you turn your company goals into results. We transform organizations into coherent systems and develop the personal potential of employees. We use the latest scientific research results as a basis for this.

Each year, we invest five percent of our revenue to learn about learning. We are happy for our clients, partners, and other interested persons to share in our findings.

We would therefore like to ask for your consent to us contacting you with up-to-date information about our services and specialties.