Technology enables digital transformation. The people make it successful. Managers and workers are the ones who realize visions and strategies and help new business models flourish. We get you ready for the challenges that come along with this.

Reasons for
Digital Transformation

Every company, from its departments down to each individual employee, must adapt to digital transformation. They must review their business models, automate manufacturing processes, tap into new touchpoints for customer contact, and familiarize themselves with new collaboration tools and communication channels. We support our clients with these change processes by providing orientation, introducing an agile corporate culture, and professionally implementing new technologies and processes.

Orient & focus – sharpen the image

Any success story of digital transformation always begins with a shared understanding of new requirements and goals. Do your employees understand your vision? Do they know what is planned to change, why the change is needed, and what role they themselves will have in it? We help you come up with a clear image of digital transformation in your business and convey it to your employees in a way that motivates them to help shape the change.

Clarify & enable – adapt the culture

The speed at which new technologies are reaching the market and at which customer expectations are changing is a challenge for the workforce. They must adapt services and learn new routines. There are three skills that are key for this: a mistake-awareness culture, agile collaboration, and a consistent focus on customers. We pass on to your workforce the technological and methodological expertise for working in the digital world and help your management create the right framework for the team.

Play & perform – implement new processes

The faster that new technologies are implemented, the greater the opportunity to achieve competitive advantages. The executives must lead for this and the workforce must quickly grow into their new processes and tasks. Many levers must be moved simultaneously. We can help with that through targeted actions. We provide you support, from personnel development through to the creation of a digital road map and monitoring.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

Digital skills have short half-lives and must be constantly honed. That is why we rely above all on structures and skills that make organizations able to learn and adapt. We have been developing people and organizations for over 20 years.

We believe that people are the critical success factor in digital transformation and we develop them at all levels using the right methods.

Our solutions

With the right arrangement of expertise and instruments, executives and employees steer the digital-transformation process towards lasting success.

Identify areas for action

We identify the opportunities and holes in your transformation process using our diagnostic tools and workshop formats. We assess the resilience of your business model compared to competitors, sound out the market, and perform targeted analyses in the company. These include cultural and organizational assessments as well as special expertise and potential analyses for managers and employees.

Create road map

Successful change needs a plan. It usually includes methods to strengthen the focus on customers, such as design thinking, as well as actions to develop personnel and the team. A remodeling of the IT landscape must be integrated as well. We establish these complex processes to suit you based on our experience.

Develop skills

Through on-the-job coaching, workshops, and training, we ensure that managers and employees grow into their new roles and responsibilities and work more agilely. The level of confidence within your organization will grow step by step to reflect the changed processes. We keep close track of this development and keep it in sync with the road map.

Establish processes

As consultants specializing in implementation, we have only done our job if the digital transformation at your company is going stably. If necessary, the personnel consultants at PAWLIK Recruiters also look for executives with change experience and digital expertise for this.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Arne Adrian


Arne Adrian, a Hamburg native, joined the PAWLIK Consultants management in 2007. He leads the Berlin office and, as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer, is responsible for personnel consulting and diagnostics at PAWLIK. He acts as the first port of call for any questions regarding digital transformation and is a board member at various digital firms affiliated with the PAWLIK Group.

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„Culture eats strategy for breakfast. People really are the deciding factor in the success of a digital transformation. For more than 20 years, we have devised successful transformations in companies and always operate based on the people factor. Guiding people through change and helping them realize it is our strength, including and especially in the digital world.”


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