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We find the executives that are a match for you and your challenges. How? With our over 20 years of experience, a strong network, and a focus on critical skills.

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Executive Search

What constitutes a leader that takes his company to the next level, and leads it successfully into the future? With more than 20 years of experience with Executive Search, we know that peak performance depends on a combination of critical factors which need to be considered from different angles for each sector and each company. Our specific aim is to tailor professional and personalize skills to provide just this level of performance. Our reputation has been built on an excellent understanding of the challenges and close relationships with executive managers in Germany and Europe, as well as in Asia.

Refining the requirements profile

Before seeking candidates, we will discuss with you the critical and future-oriented skills required for the vacant position. These include specialist skills as well as soft skills. We take the time to cover this critical step properly, and hold a kick-off workshop with the relevant decision makers and stakeholders.

Making use of first-rate networks

PAWLIK Recruiters have spent more than 20 years building up an international, cross-sector network. Through the PAWLIK personnel development service, our consultants track the careers of many managers closely and in confidence.

An efficient and discrete search

A candidate search in our network is supported by the latest online-recruiting technologies. Personal links and efficient methods are complementary not contradictory.

Scientific and transparent

We cannot predict how successful a candidate will be in performing the duties you assign, but our scientific potential analysis will show how well he or she meets your requirements profile.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Potential candidates are always approached in confidence. Tact and discretion are also a matter of experience.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

Together with our clients, we develop a comprehensive requirements profile for the vacancy. Future-oriented skills models from our years of sector-specific experience ensure that we create the right profile. Our candidate portfolio only includes managers who have skills specific to your company, and who will easily adapt to your corporate culture.

Experience has shown us therefore that resumes, references, and interviews are not the only factors critical to success. Our Assessment Center for managers, and potential analyses which many use to make sure that the right decision has been made, offer our clients increased transparency.

Our solutions

PAWILK Recruiters specializes in filling executive level and middle management positions. Our network is particularly strong when it comes to midsize and international upper-midsize markets. We have also built an outstanding reputation for developing managers with digital skills.

Classic Executive Search

We offer an extensive network of international contacts for market-oriented commercial positions, especially in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, and HR. Our database is full of detailed professional profiles, while other candidates can be found using innovative search tools.

Digital Executive Search

Many companies currently lack managers who are familiar with the disruptive processes of digitalization, and who can encourage staff to accept innovation. The number of high-fliers with sufficient expertise and an agile mindset is modest. Our network and expertise in the field of digital business models are therefore valuable tools in your quest, and our candidate selection procedure is tailored precisely to these special requirements.

“Our central aim when we fill key positions is to find the right match. The candidate, position, and corporate culture, must all be a good fit. We interpret an executive search for today’s modern business world as incorporating understanding and trust, an excellent hotline to decision makers and executives from the analog and digital worlds, and evidence of the right personality with matching skills, all underpinned by well-established diagnostic tools.”

Experience, Expertise, and System

Andreas Wehlitz

Andreas Wehlitz returned to PAWLIK as a personnel consultant. Having graduated as Diplom-Kaufmann (equivalent to MA), he first joined PAWLIK Consultants in 2004, specializing in filling sales and management positions. Andreas Wehlitz returned to PAWLIK after several years spent with Kienbaum, where he honed his skills in filling senior executive positions in international companies, and at Hermes Germany as Head of Recruitment.

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“In the war for talent, successful salespeople rarely apply for positions themselves, but are approached. Almost all companies today pursue active sourcing methods, yet this can be very time-consuming, and it takes experience to find the right candidate. Our 20 years of expertise in this area allows us to provide effective support.”


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