Do you wish to make optimal use of your resources for your goals? We know the organizational conditions that are necessary.

Organizational Design

You might be planning a new strategy, targeting another culture, wanting to achieve higher revenue and margins, or seeking to reach new customers or workers. Whatever the case, there are two key terms in organizational design: coherence and competence. Are your organization and culture the right fit? Does your employees’ work contribute consistently to the company’s goals? Do you have people with the right competence to achieve those goals? We adapt the organization to the specific requirements and keep the employees engaged to provide a catalyst. Doing this safeguards the long-term competitiveness of your company.

Coherence – achieve harmony

When faced with complex challenges, companies often lack transparency. They are unable to see whether they are organized in a strategically coherent way and working with efficient operations at all levels. We assess whether the strategies and organization consistently produce dividends for company goals. That is why we simply speak of “synergy work” internally when we do our coherence assessments. Each stage of work should make its own direct or indirect contribution to high-level targets and work like a cog in a wheel.

Competence – empower employees

Employees don’t need to know how to do everything. However, they should master all the skills needed to realize their current and future tasks optimally. Can your executives do matrix or agility? How do your HR officers implement new roles for services? How do your sales workers manage the journey from “lone wolf” to part of the pack? We review individual skills in a gap analysis, reveal the gaps, and provide targeted training for employees.

People make companies successful.
That is why we focus on the individuality of every single employee. How?

How We Work

Strategies are only good for us if they are implemented. We are professionals at helping you achieve your company goals. We do this by adding transparency to the tense intersection of strategy, organization, people, and culture, and by revealing and realizing the feasible path to a coherent whole. Most of the time, businesses come to us with a specific problem. Before we start pursuing an isolated solution, we gather an idea of the relevant context and look for the key factors influencing the situation.

We start with the goals, compare the company’s strategies and structure with them while considering the market environment, assess whether all influencing factors are clear and coherent, and immerse ourselves more deeply in the essential elements until all organizational requirements have been met. In the end, our aim with these actions is a lasting increase in your organization’s competitiveness. The original, specific problem is then permanently solved as part of this.

Our Services

PAWLIK Consultants does interdisciplinary work with 300 specialists in personnel development and consulting as well as in company development. Using this extensive expertise, we help companies design efficient, steady change to stay competitive. We identify potential and offer concrete solutions in all areas.

HR excellence, a competitive factor

Has your HR management adapted to its duties? What do your company and team need? What is your employer experience like? Digitalizing processes through e-recruiting or e-learning; diversity and demographics, and even agility are just a few of the added challenges. We audit the position your HR management is at, determine the essential areas for action, design modern methods, and educate your HR team so that your HR requirements are satisfied.

Aligned leadership – the formula for firepower

The most powerful engine for growth is reasoned management and the management’s ability to drive the company to a defined strategy for excellent work. The aim of our leadership audits and holistic development programs is to connect strategic and personal competence with each other, from the interlinking and steering of all areas of strategy through to genuine teamwork by management teams.

Sales excellence when value is to be added

We help you align your company so that it has an allover focus on sales. All areas of a company should contribute to customer centricity, and the “customer experience” is the strategic approach for that. We pull all relevant levers to achieve your revenue and return targets: Service portfolios, target markets, sales channels, and sales structures are continually refined for growth and productivity. The right sales skill set drives the progress of the people on the ground.

Culture trumps strategy

The longest-lasting success factor for change is cultural transformation. When companies transform from producers into service providers or are acquired by competitors, or if a digital transformation requires new structures and processes, the main priority is always to keep employees motivated and acquaint them with the new culture. Empathy, open communication, and a progressive outlook must be at the center of any actions implemented.

The organization is everything

Competitive advantages are today more than ever achieved by having the right organizational structure and smooth processes. You save time and money, make decisions at an appropriate speed, and strengthen partnerships. As a consultancy dealing in implementation, we help you design and plan all this. What’s more, we implement it within your company with your employees. Our monitoring ensures a sustainable implementation.

People drive digital transformation

Digital transformation is like a tsunami that destroys existing structures. This transformation is ostensibly driven by technology, though it can only produce lasting success with and through people. We examine your business model, your workers, organizational structure, and culture in relation to digital potential, and give you support closing the gaps. We believe that people and their digital expertise are at the center of the digital road map for your company.

Alongside the professional qualifications and many years of career experience held by our consultants in leadership, sales, and consulting positions, all PAWLIK consultants possess sound knowledge for the application of a Prof. Julius Kuhl potential analysis. We are one of the few consultancies in Germany that are entitled to apply this potential analysis.

Experience, Expertise, and System

Prof. Dr. Henrik Meyer-Hoeven

Prof. Henrik Meyer-Hoeven has been the PAWLIK CONSULTANTS board member responsible for product development and internationalization since 2004. Before becoming a consultant, the Lübeck native held various management roles at the Haniel Group. He studied economics and business in Hamburg, St. Gallen, and Vienna. In 2014, he was appointed Professor of Strategy and Leadership at Hamburg School of Business Administration.

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„The challenges that businesses must manage these days are vastly significant and varied, both broadly and deeply. The ‘right’ organizational structure and the journey there together play a key role. We set targeted measures in motion, identify the obstacles, tackle them with you, and stay on top of them until new routines guide you to new-found excellence. It’s something to look forward to!”


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